Friday, December 10, 2010

The Biggest Whiner

I was watching the latest episode of The Biggest Loser last night on my DVR and was so frustrated with how this season has turned out so far. They are down to the final four contestants and one of them just doesn't deserve to be there. Some of you may think that I am being harsh. Others may say that all of the contestants on this show deserve to be there. I would normally agree, except in this case. My issue is with Elizabeth, otherwise known to me as "that whiny, annoying girl in the yellow shirt." 

Elizabeth's story is that she got married at a very young age to an abusive man. She then continued to rely on everyone in her life and lost her sense of independence. Over time, she gained weight and lost all of her self-worth. Typical story for The Biggest Loser and one which seems easy enough for Jillian Michaels to fix. However, it has seemed that Jillian has decided to go soft this season on the one contestant who needed her the most.

In the first episode the contestants had to earn their way onto the ranch. Elizabeth had to go up against two other contestants, Frado and Brendan in a challenge where the first two people to complete 100 steps earned their way onto the ranch.  Elizabeth actually failed at this task and didn't even finish because she passed out around 150 steps. Even though she failed to finish and didn't earn her way onto the Biggest Loser Ranch, Jillian decided to grant her a second chance by giving her a spot on the show. This is where I start to hate the female yellow team contestant.

You would think that a second chance at saving your life on the greatest weigh loss show in America would make you confront your issues and give you the fire you need to a fresh start. Well, this wasn't the case for Elizabeth. Instead, she continuously whined and cried over her pathetic life and how losing 3lbs. in a week is great for her! Sure, 3lbs. for an average American who is working 40 hours per week and trying to lose the weight on their own is great. But when you are secluded in a home with other people who have the same goal as you, all of your meals are prepared for you and two of the best trainers in the world are there to work you out, 3lbs. is pathetic!

Elizabeth continued to lose the least amount of weight each week, causing her to be up for elimination more times than any other contestant this season. Yet she managed to dodge the bullet time and time again because she wasn't a 'threat' to the game players, who also felt bad for her. Her whiny voice and bad acting skills carried on throughout the whole season where she would attempt at making some big speech about how she feels like she is changing and yada yada yada blah blah blah. Yet the next thing you knew, she was depending on everyone around her. In the week where the contestants were paired up in teams of two, she chose to work with Lisa, who had the second lowest percentage of weight loss. During that week, she allowed Lisa to prepare every single meal for her, which led Jillian and Bob to finally go off on how much she sucks and wasn't changing at all (ok, they were a lot nicer about it, but they should have chewed her apart).

On the latest episode, Elizabeth was back at home trying to lose the weight on her own for the remaining three months before the finale. Jillian paid her an at-home visit, where she discovered that she moved in with a new boyfriend (watch this video where she tries to convince herself that she knows better than Bob and Jillian as to what is best for her health), isn't losing weight (shocking, because she couldn't even do it on the ranch) and has only processed and fattening food in her refrigerator (well duh, she let's her boyfriend shop for what he likes and doesn't care that she is trying to win $250,000). Wow Elizabeth, I'm so glad you got to have the opportunity to be on the ranch for three months only to waste everyone's time with not learning a damn thing!

Please America, go on and vote for Ada so she doesn't have a shot in hell to make the final three since she doesn't deserve to win a single penny (not that she has any shot against the remaining two finalists, but still).

Congratulations Elizabeth, I grant you with the Biggest Whiner Award! Now you can say that you won something in life.

And for those of you who think I am alone in this hatred for that whiny, annoying girl in the yellow shirt, here are some tweets I found about Elizabeth from another blog:

bridgetrcook: oh good, this is the elizabeth fails at everything montage #BL10

Jeffrey__Scott: #BL10 Did I just hear someone say, "Liz you look the same."

stacigway: I put money on Ada's Shoes winning BL10 over Elizabeth. #bl10

misspennyproud: By the time Elizabeth finishes the marathon, it will be the season finale for #BL12.

blogofSteve: But, Jillian most people around the country aren't on BIGGEST F*CKING LOSER. Don't make excuses for her #BL10

SconnieJennie: Elizabeth is the reason I can't watch #BL10 live. Every time she's on the screen I hit the FFx3 button.

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