Thursday, December 16, 2010

Down With the Old People!

I am a HUGE fan of NBC's The Sing-Off. It is not only keeping me entertained during the holiday season when my shows are all reruns, but the talent of the groups never fails to amaze me. The top two groups from last year's show were both excellent (Nota and The Beelzebubs), and I agreed that they were the two front runners. However, this season the judges have become total pussies (excuse my language). 

They even dress like they are from the 70's
You see, Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town is a group of older gentlemen with a lead singer who is an R&B legend that no one in my generation has ever heard of. While I definitely don't think he should be allowed on an amateur competition show, I also don't think his group is as good as the others. I'm not saying they can't sing, because they can. But rather, they are stuck in the 60's and 70's style of a capella. Whereas the more entertaining groups have performed a number of different genres from different decades. I also don't like that Jerry Lawson thinks that his group is above the competition and refuses to switch up their act and have the background singers beatbox and simulate instruments. Lame!

The judges have not given any type of criticism to their group because they don't think they are worthy enough to tell them they suck. Nor have they had the balls to vote them off. Thank goodness America now has the power to choose the winner and we can get rid of a group that is worthy enough to maybe preform on cruise ships once and for all.

To me, and most of my friends who also watch the show, Committed and Street Corner Symphony are the most talented groups on the show. I decided to put all of my eggs in one basket by casting my 10 votes for Street Corner Symphony. Why? Well, they are amazing, the lead singer's voice is like no other and they made me love a song that I have hated since I was a little girl - Come on Eileen. However, I will let you all judge for yourself:

Street Corner Symphony
Jerry Lawson and the Mofos...

On another random note, does anyone else think that judge Nicole Scherzinger is a fembot? 


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