Friday, December 10, 2010

Facebook Ad Torture

I love Facebook and since I work in the wonderful industry of advertising, I love ads. But Facebook ads are just ridiculous. I know that they are targeted ads to your interests, sex, relationship status, location, etc. However, I findthe majority of the ads on my Facebook page be to be torturous and annoying.

I understand that Facebook recognizes that I am engaged, but stop telling me that I need to lose wedding weight or prepare for a baby. I already have a photographer lined up (and he is fabulous might I add), I have a great venue and my rabbi since birth will be the one to marry me - so stop trying to advertise these items on my page! Plus, why would I think that a company is a credible and well-respected vendor if they have to advertise on Facebook to stay afloat?

Here is an example of a list of two ads that just popped up on my Facebook page:


I mean is this really necessary? Free baby samples? I don't even want to think about havning a kid anytime soon. A dream wedding in the Cayman Islands? Sure, just let me cancel everything I have planned for the last four months and go to a cruise port to get hitched because Facebook told me to.

Just because it is Friday I will leave you with my new favorite Facebook ad, which has nothing to do with weddings or babies or laser hair removal or dieting (thank goodness!).

I can proudly say that I think I can survive without becoming a fan of Cheez-It.

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