Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out of Town College Football Fans Can't Drive

I always notice that when there is a college football game in Atlanta, the away team's fans are horrible drivers. Now I understand that they don't know the city, and it can be confusing that there is no left turn lane on Peachtree Street. However, this shouldn't cause these drivers to be unable to use a turn signal, not come to a complete stop to make a right turn on a green light, or drive at least the speed limit and not under by 10+ mph.

To make matters worse, there is a Bowl game in Atlanta tomorrow night, which means not one, but two sets of out-of-town team fans. This year's Chick-Fil-A Bowl is hosting Florida State and South Carolina. Today alone, I have experienced four separate horrendous drivers, all courtesy of Florida State fans:
  1. I was cut off by an FSU fan who decided to turn right from the left lane.
  2. I was stuck behind an FSU fan on a major road by my office who decided to come to a dead stop in the middle of a busy street while at a green light.
  3. Another FSU fan decided to drive in the left lane on the highway going a whopping 45 mph.
  4. While in a parking lot in a busy shopping plaza after work (hooray for half days before holidays), I witnessed an FSU fan put their right blinker on only to turn into a spot that was on the left. 

This is how I identify the bad drivers.

I'm assuming that because South Carolina fans were just here to witness their team get stomped in the SEC Championship game not even a month ago that they have learned how to drive in Atlanta, because I didn't have any run-ins with them this time around.

Because I am a Gator fan and therefore you might think I am biased, but please be reassured that I complain about every visiting fan who gets in my way on the road. It just so happens that I decided to start a blog right before FSU fans invaded the roads of my city.  So tomorrow night, while I spend my New Year's Eve at the bowl game (yes, I am that awesome of a fiancĂ© to go to a game that my team isn't playing in), I will be rooting for it to be over and done with  so that I can go on my jolly way and reclaim the roads of Atlanta and only have to deal with the awful local drivers.

I hope everyone has a super awesome New Year!

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