Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adventure to Moe's - A Stroll Through the Snow

After being stuck in the house for three days with no idea of then this cabin fever will officially break, the fiance and I decided to walk to Moe's to get some burritos. The shopping plaza that has Moe's, also consists of a Publix and a Kroger (Atlanta supermarkets) is a little less than a mile from our new house. After letting the dogs do their business out back and feeding them their dinner, we layered up, put on our boots, and began the trek to burrito bliss.

Must get this t-shirt!
We didn't even take three steps out our door before realizing that this was not just another stroll around the block. Our driveway is completely frozen over and it would have been much easier to start our adventure  to food with ice skates. I never wanted to own a shovel so bad in my life! 
I just need one!
  :::Break from writing to scream and make shreiking noises because our foster dog just caught a giant cockroach in her mouth and tried to bring it to me as a prize. Ryan to the rescue!:::

What you need to know about the cul-de-sac that we live on is that it is on a slight hill so walking down to the main road is at a fairly good incline, and walking up will give you a good butt workout. So we ventured down the hill while walking in the middle of the road since there were signs of pavement from our brave neighbors with four-wheel drive. Just as we were at the last house, I had my first (and only) spill.

I was very aprehensive to continue on, but the thought of a Joey Junior with chipotle ranch sauce and a Moe's chocolate chip cookie gave me the determination to push through the potential of falling on my face time and time again. We got there with both of us only slipping a few times. We ate in record speed since the sun was quickly setting and I did not want to walk back through the iced over pavement in the dark.

The walk back seemed easier then our trek to my delicious burrito. However, once we hit the bottom of the hill, we had some trouble. This time, Ryan took a pretty good spill - he looked like a baby deer trying to stand up and walk for the first time. After numerous attempts to stand back up, he finally tried sliding down our neighbor's driveway into the middle of the road where there were ice-free patches to safely walk on. He eventually caught his footing and balance and we made our way back up the hill in one piece, across the driveway of death (as I am now calling it), and into the front door, only to be greeted by three very excited dogs.

We are now back on the couch in front of the tv with the dogs curled up at our sides (well, Winnie is actually on top of me keeping my legs warm). I hope this iced over snow melts soon so I can get back to  being able to get out of my house in one piece.

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