Saturday, January 15, 2011

Icy Roads Bring Out Stupid Drivers

I've finally been able to leave my house now for the last two days. While this Floridian was terrified to drive on the icy road conditions, I ended up being more scared of all of the crazy drivers that the weather conditions brought out. The city of Atlanta is not well equipped to handle the extreme road conditions since a storm like we just had comes every 10 years, if that. However, to the drivers who think that going over the speed limit and driving like a maniac on a road that is already narrowed down to one drivable, ice-free lane is OK, you suck and I hope you hit black ice and spin out of control so you learn your lesson! Also, don't honk at me when I slow down to avoid the giant patch of ice in front of me. Screw you and your four-wheel drive car!

My commute home from work yesterday (Friday), what normally takes about 20 minutes took me an hour. I was completely fine with this as I kept telling myself, "Just get home safe and in one piece." However, what I didn't appreciate was constantly being cut off on the main road I took during my commute. Yes, it is Friday and yes, Atlanta traffic sucks every Friday during rush hour. However, that does not give you the right to take your nothing special Honda Accord and weave in and out of traffic from the salted lane to the lane that is covered in ice only so you could beat everyone to the next red light. I hope you tried to drive up a snow-covered hill and got stuck!

I also thought that once I moved out of Florida that I wouldn't have to deal with old peoplewho should have given up their privilege to drive years ago (these drivers are what South Floridians call 'Q-Tips' - a term used when driving behind an old lady who all you can see is the top white of her hair over the driver's seat). I understand you are old and dying, but that doesn't give you the right to use your hazards during any weather condition. We already know by the Oldsmobile you are driving that you are old and do everything at a slower pace, but you don't have to announce it to everyone else on the road with your annoying hazards.

Tonight, the fiance and I ran out to pick up some Thai food before the Falcons playoff game (Rise Up!). The place we went to used to be a fast food chain that has a drive-thru - so it's one way in and one way out. This stupid moron chick decided that she was going to try and drive out the way in. Well, being the stubborn people we are, we drove in and blocked her from moving anyway but backwards. She refused to budge and so I had to get out of the car and explain to this idiot who should never have been given a driver's license to begin with that it's one way and it's not her way. She then whined, "I'm not going to back up into the ice behind me!" So we had to back our car out onto a major road so the princess could maneuver around us and get her way. As we drove down ti the parking lot where she could have backed up, we realized just how dumb this chick was, as the only ice was pushed off to the side. I am officially crowning this chick the Douchebag of the Road award. You surely earned it!

I'm sure reading this post has made you as annoyed as I am when driving on the icy roads, so I am going to leave you with this amazing commercial that aired during the Falcons game, which I am currently watching. Enjoy!

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