Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowpocalypse in Atlanta?

You read the title right. Last year Snowpocalypse hit the Washington, D.C. area. This year the target was a true surprise - Atlanta. Atlanta typically gets a few small snow storms each winter. However, it's typically a flurry here and there with hardly anything sticking to the pavement. However, not this time.

We got word last Friday about a potential snowstorm heading our way. In true Atlanta style, the entire city started freaking out days in advance. French toast supplies (milk, eggs, and bread) were sold at record speed. By Saturday night, the local news stations were already interrupting prime time TV shows to report the threat of a potential storm. It was a mess before the first flake of snow even hit the ground.

However, unlike most potential snow storms in the past, this was the real deal. On Sunday evening, I started to see the Facebook status updates about snow falling all around the city. I had a blond moment and actually reported back to a friend, "It's snowing in Decatur already but not in Midtown?"  I actually would have noticed that an inch of snow was already covering our back deck if I had just turned on the porch light - OOPS! Needless to say, I admitted my error and immediately became glued to the view of our neighbor's giant house and over-the-top backyard (with pool, jacuzzi, and fountain).

Our neighbor's backyard of snow paradise
Monday morning, my fiance, three dogs (we have a foster dog during the snowstorm), and I woke up to a winter wonderland. We were officially sowed in. My first thought, of course, was 'what can I use for a sled?' After working for a few hours from home in the morning, I decided that we would take our normal lunch hour break and attempt to sled down the hill of our cul-de-sac on an inflatable pool raft. Our plan was immediately ruined once we took one step outside and realized that everything had already iced over. Also, a number of our neighbors actually ventured out in their cars, which meant that sledding down a road that was being used probably wasn't the safest idea. Instead, we went for a stroll down to the main road. (We walked dogless since ice and dogs trying to work doesn't really work too well.)

After our five minute walk, we came back and I decided to let Winnie (my crazy terrier) have a run (or rather hop) around the snow and ice covered driveway. While she loved the attention we were giving her, all she wanted to do was run back inside the warm house. We then put our foster dog, Vodka the Wheaten Terrier, on a leash and let her explore a bit. Again, this was short lived because she just wanted to go back inside where the gr0und wasn't covered in ice. Conclusion - no more walks with the dogs until the ice melts (thank goodness for the area of grass below the deck in the back of our new house).
Winnie in the show
Right now we are on 48 hours of what feels like house arrest, and I can tell you that I have cabin fever. I've never wanted to physically be at my work office so bad in the four and a half years of being a professional in the 'real world.' Even our bigger dog Cali is getting a bit stir crazy with my fiance and I being home all day and not giving her the alone time she seems to enjoy so much.

Foster dog, Vodka (left) and our dog, Cali (right) on the snow-covered balcony
What I thought would be a fun experience to a Floridian such as myself, has turned into an annoyance. I actually wanted to watch Oprah today instead of Ellen (trust me, when I at home sick, I always choose Ellen). However, when I turned on what was supposed to be Oprah was instead the local news reporting on the road conditions. I mean it's cool to give us the updates scrolling on the  bottom of the screen, but for Pete's sake, leave the popular TV shows alone and stop interrupting!
Being a new homeowner, this snowstorm has taught me a few things:
  1. Invest in a shovel and some salt and sand for the driveway
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cereal can only be eaten for one meal a day before you get sick of it
  3. Purchase a key for the gas fireplace before you get snowed in
  4. Go sledding before the sow ices over
  5. Invest in a snow plow company since this city has none
I now leave you with a really awesome video that has been all over the news and Facebook of a guy ice skating on Peachtree Road in Midtown:
Peachtree St. Ice Rink in Midtown from A.Nendel on Vimeo.

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