Monday, January 31, 2011

We Can All Learn From The Cast Of The Jersey Shore

You may think I am crazy on this one, but hear me out. I am a fan of the show Jersey Shore, as I do love me some mindless TV. Watching train wrecks, like the cast of this pop culture hit show, makes me appreciate how great my life is. While the characters are all portrayed as being sex-crazed party animals, I do think that we can learn some valuable lessons from them.

After two and a half seasons of watching the show, the Jersey Shore cast have actually taught me quite a bit. Here are the lessons I have learned by watching these self-proclaimed Guidos and Guidettes.

Lesson 1
: Don't Settle

While the men in the house make it their mission to bring home a new girl every night, they definitely do not settle on just any girl. They will only smush good looking girls, and will do their best to dodge what they call grenades (ugly girls). The guys will absolutely not hookup with just anyone, which means that they have standards and stick to them.
Conclusion: Don't settle in life. You will have to dodge a number of grenades before you can get to the end of the battlefield.

Lesson 2: Teamwork is Key

When the guys go out as MVP (Mike - otherwise known as The Situation, Vinnie and Paulie), they work together to pick up the hottest girls at the club. Sometimes that entails one of the guys talking to a grenade so the other can talk to her hot friend. The wingman might even have to go as far as pretending to be interested in the grenade so that the man on the prowl can get the DTF hot girl home and in his bed.
Conclusion: If you try to do everything on your own, you won't accomplish anything in life.

Lesson 3: Listen to your Girls, Not Your Libido
At the beginning of Season 2, Ronnie and Sammi got to Miami as a broken up couple. During this time, Ronnie started to realize that he was missing the companionship of Sammi. However, he would sweet talk her one minute, and then run off to the club and makeout with random girls. During all of this disrespectful behavior by Ronnie, Sammi's girlfriends were there for her. While they didn't pull her aside and tell her what happened (because they promised Ronnie they wouldn't get involved), they did give Sammi an anonymous note that said exactly what he did behind her back. Sammi decided to get mad at the letter and not at Ron, and therefore ended up being miserable without the friendship of another trusted female in the house.
Conclusion: You need friends of the opposite sex. Also, no guy is going to tell you the truth when his sex life is on the line.

Lesson 4: Forgive and Move On
Sammi and Ron are still dating in season 3. However, Sammi is not enjoying her summer at Seaside Heights as much as she did the year before when everyone in the house got along. Because Sammi chose an untrusting relationship over her truthful girl friends, she realized that she was more or less alone in the house. She eventually sucked up her pride and apologized to Snooki for getting mad at her for being a good friend and telling her the truth about her douchey boyfriend. Snooki could have been a jerk about it and screamed at Sammi and told her that it was too little, too late. However, Snooki didn't act like a caddy girl and instead accepted Sammi's apology, put the past behind them and moved forward with their friendship.
Conclusion: Life is all about second chances and accepting apologies.
Sammi and Snooki's make up hug
Lesson 5: When in Doubt, Fist Pump
I've been told that when I am angry or stressed, that a great way to relieve the pain and anxiety is to punch my pillow. However, I think that the cast of the Jersey Shore has it right - a little fist pumping can go a long way!
Conclusion: When everyone is looking like a fool together, it brings the group that much closer.
The Fist Pump

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  1. I just recently watched this show for the first time. And I must say, that I have a pretty confusing and messed up life; however,

    Lesson 6:
    Watching drunken baffoons pick up chicks, yell at each other, and bicker constantly works as therapy... It's a way of saying to viewers that, "Hey, your life can get worse."