Monday, February 7, 2011

The Only Good Part of the Super Bowl was the Game

Wow, what a game that was last night! And this is coming from someone who had zero interest in either team or the NFL in general (unless it's the Falcons, Dolphins or Redskins - for the fiance's sake). I love watching the Super Bowl for the same reasons as most of the American population - the commercials, great food and company, and the halftime show. However, this year was a complete disappointment! And it all started off with Christina Aguilera's national anthem mishap.

Maybe I am over critical because I majored in advertising and work in the industry, but is it me or was every commercial either for a car company or a preview of a movie that I had zero interest in seeing? Now, some of the car commercials were excellent - VW: Darth Vader and Audi: Release the Hounds ads were both very clever. But did I really need to see car ads that I have had to endure for weeks on end? When I think Super Bowl, I think brand new, over-the-top, humorous ads. 

A few other good ones (but not as good as in the years past) were Bud Light: Kitchen Remodel, Doritos: Pug Attack, Snickers: Roseanne Barr, Best Buy: Ozzy and Bieber, and NFL: Favorite Fans. (You can watch all Super Bowl XLV ads here.)

This year I give the mediocre ad award to CarMax. Their ads were annoying and felt forced. So take this award with price you wannabe dealership - you clearly can't play with the bigwigs.

Insert CarMax's Creative Ad Director's Face Here
I will admit that I was actually excited for this year's halftime show. The FCC finally moved on from the JT/Janet Jackson 'boob incident' and had agreed to let someone relevant and on the radio perform at halftime. But just like the commercials and national anthem, it failed to impress. When I think of The Black Eyed Peas, I think fun, energetic, and a beat that makes me want to dance. While the show was upbeat, I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked for a few reasons: 
  1. Fergie looks like a man, or as the fiance commented, "she looks like that manly chick from Third Rock From the Sun" - but I think she looks more like Kirsty Alley.
  2. Why didn't Usher just do the whole show and have a cameo by The Black Eyed Peas?
  3. I couldn't imagine signing up to wear a space outfit that glowed. I mean, really!?! 
  4. I really didn't know who the other two members of The Black Eyed were until last night (I knew Fergie and Will.I.Am), and honestly, they just looked out of place. 
I think they were both born with a penis.
Here's my idea for next year's halftime show: Justin Bieber with Pauly D spinning tracks dressed as the Bieb.  Priceless!

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