Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook Ad Fail - They Just Don't Get It

A few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the ridiculous Facebook ad campaign that LivingSocial was currently running. However, I would like to add some more Facebook ads to the list of fails.

Groupon has surprised me in that I didn't believe that 1. They needed the extra publicity for their site, and 2. Why are they hiring the same morons who are in charge of the LivingSocial "bucket list" campaign?
I don't think that a building like this exists in Atlanta, let alone in any normal city. Also, why would you want to purchase a coupon to go see what looks like an apartment building? Is this America's idea of the Learning Apartment of Atlanta?
Yes! Please let me add "eat ridiculously large and stale looking taco" to my list of things to do in Atlanta before I die. I wonder what the Groupon deal for this bad boy is...

I really thought that Disney's Marketing and Advertising Departments were top-notch. Unfortunately, this ad proved me wrong:

Why would Disney advertise a sad baby? Isn't this supposed to be the happiest place on earth? And who would be sad when you have Thumper patting your cheek? But most of all, why in the world is there a Disney Baby page to begin with???

I couldn't have a Facebook ad fail blog post without mentioning our friends LivingSocial.

This is mind boggling to me. How in the world did someone grow a watermelon large enough to carve into a house? Why would they put it in Cobb County (suburb of Atlanta) out of all places? Why would I pay to see this person's house that will clearly be attacked by ants at any minute? And lastly, why would anyone make a bucket list for Cobb County out of all places in the world?!?

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