Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding: Perspectives

Now that the hype of the Royal Wedding has died down, I would like to recap the differences in reactions that I heard from my girl friends versus my guy friends, as well as my own opinion of the whole shibang. While I tried to stay unbiased and not really give my opinion or show any enthusiasm on how I felt regarding this event, you bet your ass that I was observing everyone else.

In the days leading up to the wedding I found the topic to be quite humoring. The radio morning show I listen to was constantly talking about it since one of the female co-hosts got to actually go to London to cover the event. However, while the two girls were very excited, the two guys sounded like they were counting down the seconds until they weren't forced to cover this event anymore. The best coverage came the day before the wedding when there was only one female member in studio versus the two males. The attitude of the lone female completely changed from super excited and happy, to more defensive. The males finally had the numbers to express their lack of excitement for the event, while the female simply complained about how she missed her other female co-host as she had no one to share her excitement with on air.
Let's switch gears to my daily chats with friends over instant message. My female friends were sending me links to websites that were predicting what Kate's dress was going to look like. On the flip side, my male friend was complaining about how he had to hear all about the pre-wedding events from his wife and how he didn't get the hype for a wedding for two people whom he doesn't know. While this is a typical male response, I can absolutely see his point.

I can honestly say that I wasn't as into the Royal Wedding as most of my female friends were. Maybe it's because that day marked 1 month until my own wedding day and I was internally freaking out. On the other hand, I didn't feel the need to obsess over it either. I didn't once bring it up to my fiance or try to discuss anything with my friends. I'm sure I am of the minority, though. I did set up my DVR to record the ceremony so I didn't feel left out in discussion (which I have yet to watch). However, I did forgo my morning ritual of watching Saved by the Bell to tune into the live happenings while I was getting ready for work (which consisted of William and Kate leaving Westminster Abbey by carriage and then standing on the balcony to kiss). I do have to say that I was thoroughly entertained by how the commentators were trying to make waiting for a kiss way more exciting than it needed to be. And my goodness, when the second kiss happened you would have thought that Michael Jackson had just risen from the dead!

The few discussions I had were with some female coworkers and with three girl friends that I went out with later that night. I actually enjoyed listening to my friend talk about every detail of the wardrobe, which was followed up with pictures from the web on her phone at the dinner table. I think that our significant others were grateful that it was a girl's night out and they didn't have to sit there and listen to us discuss the hideous hats or Kate's choice in attire.

OMG it's like Grace Kelly!
 All in all, I'm glad that the hype is over and we can go back to our normal, non-royal lives and have the news cover normal happenings, like Osama Bin Laden being killed. Now that is something that South Park will surely use in their next season's materials!

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