Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Does Honesty Equal Bitch?

The other morning on my radio morning show, one of the segments that was discussed was if one of the producers was being a bitch or not. To give a quick background on the discussion, the girl went on her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and developed an opinion that people with fat children are bad parents. She was being truthful and not holding back her opinion, which I can admire. Surprisingly, most of the people who called in said she wasn't being a bitch. 

This struck home for me, as my blog is all about me saying what is on my mind, which can be interpreted as being a bitch. So in honor of the name of my blog, here are a bunch of honest opinions I have on different subjects:

Kids in Restaurants
Being someone who has worked in two restaurants, I have strong opinions of parents based on how their kids act in a public place, especially while eating. If your kid cannot sit at a table for an hour without making a mess, running around like a wild animal or keep quiet, then keep him/her at home! Just because we pay a place of business to eat some food doesn't mean that your spawn has the right to make a complete mess out of a nice evening. I absolutely hated every parent whose child would throw crayons, sugar packets and food all over the floor and then expect the servers and bus boys to clean up their mess. Screw you and your bad parenting!

Large Women in Bikinis and Tight Clothing
Look, I am all for every woman finding the beauty in themselves, but sometimes that self found beauty should be kept behind clothing. The husband and I went on a cruise a few years ago on a Carnival ship, which is a bit lower class than our normal Royal Caribbean cruises. We did love seeing the diverse clientele, but the one person who stood out was this overly obese woman in a very tight bathing suit sporting massive back cleavage. Great for her for being secure enough to even put on a swim suit, but I hope for her sake that she laid off the midnight buffet. 

People Who Think They are Above the Rules
It is no secret that I volunteer at an animal shelter as an adoption counselor. This past week, I was counseling a woman and her daughter to adopt one of our dogs. They brought in their current pet but did not bring their vet records, which we require. They obviously read the our adoption policy because she told me she was waiting for her vet records to be mailed to her from her previous vet in New York. I asked her to have the vet fax the records over, which they did. However, once I received them, I discovered that her dog was two years behind on it's shots and was also not spayed - both of which are policies of ours to adopt. When I told her that even though I thought they would be a great fit for the dog they were interested in, but I had to deny them for those two reasons, she started screaming at me and questioning our rules. First off, don't shoot the messenger - I clearly didn't make the rules since I do not own the shelter, so don't tell me what is right and wrong. Second, if you knew our policy, don't try and tell me or the owner that because you bought a $1,200 breeder dog and may want to have it reproduce someday means that you can bypass our rule that all dogs have to be fixed in order to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats.  Needless to say, she left upset and without a new four-legged family member.

I also hate people who park in handicap spaces who are in perfectly good health. I hope karma comes back to bite you in the ass!

People Who Drive BMWs
Yep, you are all douchebags! Just because you drive a BMW doesn't mean you own the road. All BMW drivers can't drive and need to figure out another way to overcompensate for their short comings.

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