Thursday, August 18, 2011

Product Preaching: Toastabags

I recently learned about a product that I think every household should own. It's so simple and innovative that when I first heard about it, my first thought was why didn't I think of that? What is this amazing product? It's called Toastabags.

Toastabags make it easy to toast any sandwich mess-free. Their main example is grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone loves them, yet they cause a huge cheesy mess in any toaster/toaster oven. The cheap and easy way to fix this issue is with a Tastabag. What the bag does is not only allows you to heat up your sandwich without the cheese drizzling out and making a mess in your appliance, but it also helps to evenly circulate the air giving the bread an even toast while still melting the cheese. Brilliant!
And what's best about this product is that it's not only reusable (you can use it 30 times to get your money's worth), but it can also be used with a number of food items - heating up pizza or tacos, grilling onions or fries, etc. Because let's face it - heating up items taste better in the oven versus a microwave, but we use the microwave for convenience. What's more convenient than placing your food item in a bag and hitting the on button?
Check out this video demonstration segment on NBC 11Alive: 

Other products this company offers are the Pizzamesh, Crispamesh, Ovenliner and my favorite, the Ovenguard. The best part about these products is that they are all under $10! Check out these amazing products and reply with your feedback on them. Happy mess-free cooking!

{Link to buy all of these products}

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