Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dragon Con as Experienced by a Non-Geek

The closest knowledge I have of Fantasy or Sci-Fi is Harry Potter and Twilight. I have never seen Star Wars (ok I sat through the last one ever made with a friend, but I had absolutely no idea what was going on), nor have I seen Star Trek or anything on the SyFy channel on TV. In conclusion, I am not a geek. However, I was beyond excited when I was invited to sneak into Dragon Con this year to do some people watching at the Marriott Marquis, which is otherwise known as "Ground Zero." 
William Shatner - I only think of him as the Priceline Negotiator
I ventured into the unknown and what I experienced blew me away! While I didn't know half of the costumes that had to do with sci-fi or fantasy films, I did appreciate the artistry, time, effort and money put into the costumes. And let me tell you, these geeks knew how to party! Dragon Con is a weekend of panels with famous actors, directors, writers, icons, etc. and also concerts that go throughout all hours of the night. 

Enough chit chat - the photos speak for themselves...

Let's start with some photos of characters from family movies:


Professor Snape and my family friend
Mad Eye Moody

Pee Wee's Playhouse!
Yip Yips from Sesame Street
What would Dragon Con be without dragon costumes:

Of course there were plenty of movie characters:

The original Edward
Iron Men
Of course there were plenty of Star Wars characters

Costumes full of humor:

And others who were completely dedicated to their look:

I learned about a new trend called Steampunk:

And here are the rest of the photos that are blog-worthy:

It's a family affair

Rock n Roll
She caught a lot of attention!
Pope and Death

Love this!
{A special thank you goes out to my family friends Caryn and Alan for sending me their amazing photos from their weekend spent at Dragon Con. My photos were good, but the quality of theirs were amazing! I am looking forward to next year.}