Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Macy's Registry Fail: Follow-Up

Back in July I blogged about the horrible experience my husband and I had with the Macy's registry department at the Lenox Square location in Atlanta, GA. Since then, the Regional Manager has been in contact with us with her deepest apologies and a few make-good items (pieces from our China set). While this has helped us with our perception of Macy's registry as a whole, it has not changed the fact that nothing was ever resolved by the Department Manager, LaRonda. She still never followed up with my husband's phone calls and E-mails, and we hadn't heard form her in months, until last week.

This is the E-mail I received from our dear friend, Laronda:

Dear Ilene:

We are having an October/November Completion Event beginning October 26 through November 13, you can take 20% off the regular, sale and clearance prices on most items* left on your registry.  This even includes electrics. This event is open to all wedding registries from January 2011 through November 13.
Please stop by or give me a call at 404-231-2601.   If you cannot make it in, just let me know what you need.  If the items you purchase total more than $50 and are not in stock in the store, I can ship them directly to you for FREE. 
Please email me if you would like to schedule an appointment. Please include your preferred date and time and I will confirm your appointment.
Thank you for registering at Macy’s.  I look forward to hearing from you!
LaRonda Brewer
Macy’s Lenox Square

After being totally confused as to why this woman actually thought we would magically want to attend her store event and spend money to help her reach her sales goal after the way she and her employees treated us is beyond me. I know this is an E-mail sent to all of the brides who registered at her store, however it sickens me that after all of the back and forth her and my husband had, she didn't even remember us. So I did what I thought was right in this situation and forwarded her E-mail to my husband who so kindly responded:


This was sent to my wife last week, but I felt that I should respond. To say that our experience with your store was less than satisfactory is an understatement.  While it is great that you are offering a discount, I feel it is important for you to know that we will NEVER make a purchase from the Lenox store's gift registry again. The service we received there was terrible. If you would like to understand more about our experience, my wife wrote a blog about it: http://sayingwhatyourethinkingsince1983.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html

Your regional manager did read and respond to the blog and. She did a lot of things to apologize, and our opinion of Macy's is not completely tarnished. That being said, we will not be attending this event, and please know, that we have advised all of our friends that when registering, they should avoid your store. If you do appointments, perhaps letting us know that when we were in the store the first time would have been a good thing. Customer Service goes a long way.

Husband (Name left off on purpose)

Somehow, I doubt good 'ole LaRonda will reply at all, since it is in her fashion to ignore customer complaints and issues. While we will continue to shop at Macy's, as we have had great experiences with other stores and even other departments at the Lenox Square location, we will stand by our promise to never shop off their registry or go into that area of their store ever again.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

UPS Fail

Since moving to our new office building, my coworkers have lost a number of personal packages. While I haven't had any lost myself, I can relate to their frustration.

Here's the issue: We work on the 18th floor (suite 1800), yet the elevators only go up to floor 17. We have to take another elevator (which I call "the bat cave") up to our office in the Penthouse. There is a sign with an arrow as to where our secret spy elevator is. Yet, apparently the delivery workers hired by UPS cannot read, since no personal packages ever get delivered here. They not only cannot read the sign, but they also can't read the delivery address since it clearly stated Suite 1800.

The major question is why hasn't the delivery person asked the concierge in our building how to get to our floor? This, to me, is the most obvious approach for when you cannot find something - ASK!

In conclusion, I would suggest using USPS or FedEx. Hopefully one of those companies hires delivery people who can read and follow directions!

{This is specific to the delivery person in Dunwoody, GA 30328 as I love the one I have in 30324}

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Overheard in the Elevator at Work

I work in a building that has 18 floors, but the main elevator only goes up to 17 and well, I work on the 18th. So I have the pleasure of riding up two elevators everyone morning, but one of which is for my office only. Since my company moved to this building in May, I have had some pretty strange encounters in what I call "the commoners elevator."

The other day I had the pleasure of riding upstairs after my lunch break with three men - one of which was in his early thirties and the other two were well over fifty. The conversation went like this:
Older Man #1: What did you do this weekend?
Younger Guy: Your mom!
Older Man #2: Me too!
Older Man #1: Typical weekend for my mom...
This was followed by high fives all around, all while ignoring the fact that I was standing there with them in a confined space. 

Being that I work for an animal rescue group, it is pretty hard for me to understand why anyone would purchase a dog from a pet store. A breeder I can understand, as long as you do your research and know they are breeding to better the breed, and you also prepare yourself to bring home a really young puppy. However, I just cannot fathom anyone purchasing a dog for an insane amount of money unless they want it to be a show dog. This is the conversation I overheard in the elevator between two fresh-out-of-college girls who work on the 15th floor, which is an advertising agency:
Girl #1: Like, did you hear what so-and-so and her boyfriend did over the weekend?
Girl #2: Oh em gee, tell me!
Girl #1: They went and bought a dog! I can't believe they have only been dating for 3 months and are purchasing a dog together. They are so in love!
Girl #2: I know right! What did they get? 
Girl #1: Ugh, they bought a Bichon, which I don't get because like I totally told them to get a designer dog like Jessica Simpson had. And you'll never guess what they paid for it.
Girl #2: Hmmm... $600?
:::Elevator doors open and they exit:::
Girl #1: $1,800!!! What a rip off!
:::Elevator doors shut:::
And I'm in complete disgust since we have Bichons, Poodles and Maltipoos at the shelter right now. Ignorant spoiled bitches!

While I was on my way downstairs to meet a friend for lunch, I had the pleasure of riding in the elevator with a man who was dressed as if he was stuck in 1986 while on a vacation in Hawaii. As if this wasn't bad enough, he decided that he would converse with me. While I can't recall the actual conversation, I do remember him asking me if I like older men. I also recall telling him numerous times that I was married and this was awkward. The next time I saw him in the lobby I waited behind so I didn't have to be in the same elevator as him. Total creeper!

Every Friday during football season I support my team by wearing a Gators shirt or colors to work. And since I live in Georgia, the home of the most obnoxious football fans, I constantly have people trying to talk football to me. Here was the conversation I had two Fridays ago in the elevator heading out for the day:
UGA fan: Do you like the Gators?
Me: Yes. (but I was really thinking, "no jerk off, I just wear the shirt because I like the colors)
UGA fan: Did you go to school there or are you one of those bandwagon fans?
Me: I went to school at Florida. What team do you support?
UGA fan: Them Dawgs!!!
Me: I'm sorry they suck this year.
UGA fan: (said while looking down) Yea, they do suck this year, but we're going to kick your ass!!! 
:::long pause:::
UGA fan: Maybe... Have a nice day!

One of my coworkers was in the elevator with a woman who forgot to take out her hair roller. Another coworker kindly held the elevator for someone to get in and then that person turned to her and said, "12 please" like she was her personal butler. 

So in the past four months or so that I have worked in this building I have learned that if I don't make eye contact with anyone I don't know while in the elevator, I am either considered unfriendly or I don't exist, which are both fine by me!