Thursday, October 6, 2011

UPS Fail

Since moving to our new office building, my coworkers have lost a number of personal packages. While I haven't had any lost myself, I can relate to their frustration.

Here's the issue: We work on the 18th floor (suite 1800), yet the elevators only go up to floor 17. We have to take another elevator (which I call "the bat cave") up to our office in the Penthouse. There is a sign with an arrow as to where our secret spy elevator is. Yet, apparently the delivery workers hired by UPS cannot read, since no personal packages ever get delivered here. They not only cannot read the sign, but they also can't read the delivery address since it clearly stated Suite 1800.

The major question is why hasn't the delivery person asked the concierge in our building how to get to our floor? This, to me, is the most obvious approach for when you cannot find something - ASK!

In conclusion, I would suggest using USPS or FedEx. Hopefully one of those companies hires delivery people who can read and follow directions!

{This is specific to the delivery person in Dunwoody, GA 30328 as I love the one I have in 30324}

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  1. Both USPS and FedEx get it! So does DHL, the problem is that I did not get an option as to what company to use. The business that I purchased from only uses UPS, and I chose to have it delivered to work because I knew that I would not be home and I figured they would be smart enough to figure out how to use a phone list considering most of them make more money driving a truck and delivering packages than my wife and I combined! Guess not! BTW...the manager told me "I'll call you back in 15 minutes" 40 minutes ago!!!! U.P.S.= U PEOPLE SUCK!!!