Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 Ads Recaptured

There is a reason that it has taken me three days past the Super Bowl to do a post about this year's ads - they were simply mediocre. Also, I am still unsure that it was a great idea for companies to premiere their ads before the actual big game. In a way, the surprise of seeing a stream of never-before-seen commercials is half the fun of watching the Super Bowl (especially for those of us who don't care about the game).  

Even though there weren't that many great commercials to choose from this year, here are a few that I did enjoy - even if I saw them beforehand on YouTube or Facebook.

Honda CR-V: Matthews Day Off (extended version):

While a movie sequel would have ruined this classic, this commercial is absolutely priceless. 

M&M's Sexy and I Know It:

Because there is nothing funnier and more unexpected than a piece of candy getting naked at a dinner party.  

The Dog Strikes Back (2012 Volkswagen):

What's not to love about a dog being motivated to lose weight so he can chase a car. Although, I'm not sure if the last scene with Star Wars was necessary. 
Doritos Man's Best Friend:

You know you would keep this a secret, too, for a bag of Doritos if it was given to you by the dog. 

Sketchers Go Run Mr. Quiggly:

Everyone loves a French Bulldog, especially one that can moonwalk. 

And my favorite commercial this year (not because it was funny, but because it promoted how awesome rescue dogs are) is...
Bud Light's Rescue Dog:

Not only is it awesome that this dog can fetch bottles of beer, but it's more awesome that Bud Light is donating money to the rescue group where Weego (the dog in the commercial) was adopted from. Bravo Bud Light, bravo!

It's obvious that advertisers finally get that dogs sell ads. All in all, I'm hoping that next year's Super Bowl ads will be back on par with the years' past.