Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Observed at the Gym: The Female Narcissist

I love people watching while working out at the gym! So I decided to start a new blog segment where I feature different types of people that I have the pleasure of observing. 

While waiting in the locker room for my friend to finish getting ready for our spin class, I had the pleasure of encountering what I have classified as the narcissist gym goer. This chick was priceless! She was wearing the smallest hot pink spandex shorts imaginable, with a brightly colored, skin-tight tank top and matching spots bra. She literally walked up on the other side of the bench that I was standing next to and proceeded to stare at herself in the mirror what about 3-5 minutes. 

During this time, she seemed oblivious to anyone and anything else. She fixed her hair, twice. She then turned to the side and admired her physique (which I have to admit, she did have a very toned body that I would die for). The best part was when she lifted up her tank top to expose her stomach, which allowed her to praise her own abs. 
Her body was similar but her face, not so much...
After she was satisfied with herself, she put on her headphones and had her own personal dance party in the locker room. She was truly unbelievable! 

My friend and I later noticed her doing lunges smack on the middle of the cardio area between the treadmills and the elliptical machines; probably so she could be watched by all. I hope she finds a boyfriend soon...

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