Friday, April 6, 2012

Facebook Ad Fail: They Just Won't Go Away

I haven't posted about the irrelevant ads on Facebook in a while. However, I have a friend who likes to remind me that these ads still exist and appear quite often. As a tribute to her e-mail reminders, here are some of the latest Facebook ad fails:

Fact: Dietitians tell all of their patients to get healthy by eating cupcakes and cookies, especially if they look like Cookie Monster. 

Um, what do turtles have to do with this kid dressed up like Frankenstein?

Where can I ride the rainbow slide?!? I want to go down the yellow part...

I feel like if this was in my city, I would have known by now where to find it. 

Oh Madonna, my how you have changed since your Super Bowl performance. 

And my favorite - when you get your Ultrasound Tech degree, you will gain the ability to have your pregnant patients' bellies magically appear with a painted version of the fetus coming out of an egg. I must switch careers, stat!


  1. Oh. My. God. I cannot contain myself... laughing so hard. Thank you! I needed this today.

  2. re: the second one about turtles...

    This image is a screen capture from a local news report at a carnival. The kid is supposed to have facepaint that makes him look like a zombie. When he was interviewed for the report, all he could say was, "I like turtles." So this is not an ad fail.

    1. good point. it was an advertisement targeting tosh.0 watchers.

  3. A cupcake eating a cookie?!?!? Brilliant!