Monday, May 14, 2012

Customer Service Fail: Crepe Revolution

Two weekends ago, my husband and I met two friends up in Smyrna for brunch. After going back and forth on where to eat, we decided to go to Crepe Revolution, which I had only heard great things about. I was very excited to try this place as I really love crepes but rarely eat them due to lack of restaurants that serve this yummy dish. 

We ended up having one of the worst service experiences I have had since moving to Atlanta 6 years ago. It was so bad that I actually Yelped about it, which I normally only Yelp good reviews. Here is what I posted on Yelp:

"The service was horrendous. We waited five minutes for anyone to greet or seat us, and another ten for our server to come to our table. The server didn't ask if we had any questions about the menu and never asked what we wanted to eat. When our coffee was brought out, we had to press it ourself. However, with our refill the server pressed it for us. There was also a hair in the creamer. Our water had not been filled once. The server came back to our table and claimed the food runner lost our ticket and asked one member of our party what he ordered again. When our food finally came another member of our party's food was wrong. She sent it back and when it was brought back out it was wrong again. The third time it came out it was finally right. The food was very, very good, which was their only saving grace. When our checks came we were all surprised to see that nothing was comped, especially the order that came out wrong twice. Brittany P. you should not be working in the food service industry and the manager needs to better support her staff."

The biggest issue with our experience was that the manager brought my friend's food out the third time and never apologized or offered a make-good for their poor service and mistake. As someone who has previously worked in the food industry, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to making things right. Just last night we went out to our local thai restaurant. The food was taking longer than normal, and without even complaining, the manager came over to us, apologized and offered us all free drinks. 

As if this experience wasn't bad enough, I just went to check Yelp and saw that Crepe Revolution has pulled down my review. Really, one bad review among all of the other positive ones and you take it down? This leads me to believe that they aren't being true to the consumers by only accepting positive feedback and removing the negative. I just reposted it, so let's see how long it will stay up for. 

While I really did enjoy the food, their poor customer service, both at the restaurant and clearly in the cyber world, has lost me as a customer forever!

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