Monday, November 5, 2012

Case Study 1: Why Stupid People Shouldn't Breed

"Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" has always been one of my favorite bumper stickers. Not only is it funny, but it is the absolute truth! I saw a news segment tonight that made me think about this bumper sticker - it's the story about the mother who took her two year old son to the Pittsburgh Zoo and stupidly stood him on top of the railing. She then somehow let go of him, watched him fall 14ft. into the animal exhibit and then watched him get eaten by a pack of wild dogs. 

If you didn't hear about this story, you can read about it here

What makes the story even worse is that the exhibit was for African wild dogs, which are endangered. I actually saw these dogs for the first time this past summer during my time at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. They are beautiful animals and remind me a lot of one of my own dogs, Cali. They are pack animals and hunt just like wild animals would do in, well, Africa. I watched the dogs get fed at the zoo and they tore up turkey legs like it was nothing - sort of like watching hyenas eat. 

Once the child fell into their exhibit, the dogs instinctively saw the boy as prey, attacked him and ripped him up just like he was normal food to them. The zoo keepers did everything they could to get the dogs off of the little boy, however, one dog just wouldn't let go. Instead of tranquilizing the dog or just letting him do what he naturally does, they shot and killed the dog - an ENDANGERED animal! Isn't that illegal?

African painted dog
As awful as this incident was, it was completely preventable! The mother is 100% to blame, and it seems like she is getting away with this with a clean slate. Her child and an innocent animal had to die because she was so stupid and negligent to do something so ridiculous like put her wiggly toddler on a railing. 

Lord save us all if this woman reproduces again and creates another life! And please, for the love of all animals, do NOT let this woman back into another zoo.